Customer & Partner Testimonials

"Geri has been racing with Spec Miata and at one of her first events with HOD, she and Fred Martin did a little lead-follow exercise. Fred pulled me aside after the session to tell me, “Man, she’s fast!” It was pretty obvious she had skill, not only as a driver, but as a coach. She quickly has become one of the “Go to Coaches” when it comes to a driver struggling, particularly in a Miata. Geri attended a lot of events in 2012 and did a great job! She is also helping HOD with our Social Media presence.

Thanks, Geri!"
--HOD Awards: Rookie of the Year to Geri Amani

"I had Geri as a coach for my first time at Laguna Seca. She's an amazing instructor with patience for bad boy drivers like myself--in a McLaren its always tempting to get on that right pedal! She ultimately helped me get a better understanding of driving smooth. I was lucky to have Geri as an instructor! She did great!"
McLaren MP4-C12

"Geri Amani has been coaching with Hooked On Driving for about one year. In this capacity she works on a one on one basis with our clients. Our clients offer regular feedback based on the quality of their experience with Hooked On Driving and their relationship with their coach is the single most important aspect of that experience.

The feedback regarding Geri Amani has been excellent. Her coaching style has been a great fit with our organization.
In the course of coaching with Hooked On Driving, Geri has been selected on occasion to handle more difficult drivers. The specifics vary, but Geri has never failed to work effectively with these folks and provide a positive outcome in these more challenging situations."
--Dev Clough
Operations Manager and Chief Coach, Hooked On Driving

"Geri Amani is a superb coach. My first day ever on a race track, at Sonoma Raceway, Geri led me from-super-excited-and-competent-but-nervous driver to whooping with delight as I pushed the limits of myself and car. Geri was calm, even when I frightened myself a little, chuckling with me as she said, 'It's ok, you're ok, and now you know the limit there.' My next time out at Sonoma, I had a different coach for the day. Right away he said, 'Oh yeah, I can tell you've done this before,' a compliment which is partly owed to Geri and her great coaching skills. I've since advanced to intermediate, then advanced run groups at HPDEs, but to this day, whenever I go through the esses at Sonoma, I repeat in my head what Geri said to me on my first day, 'Middle to the end . . . middle to the end . . . ' Thanks, Geri!"
2001 Mini Cooper S

"Just a note to thank you again for the coaching and all the advice and your patience with me last Wednesday at Laguna. It was a fabulous time and I learned a lot. I'll practice out your teaching on Xbox Forzza 4 and hope to improve for next time on track!"
2012 Audi R8 V10

"You were the best working together at Thunderhill. Geri...we will be sure to do that again!"
Porsche Turbo 4S

"Was a pleasure having Geri on board for a private track day at Thunderhill. She helped the small team of coaches bring structure to the event, keeping it fun and safe. She worked with one of our clients who rented our Miata, and instantly connected with her. I highly recommend Geri as an instructor, her coaching philosophy is spot on."
Borelli Motorsports

"Geri was the best instructor ever! She's so patient and got me drving faster each session. Next time I go to the track, I will make sure I work with her again."
Mclaren MP4-C12

"Thank you for your great help at Thunderhill--in just a few sessions I learned a lot! Looking forward to picking up where we left off."
Aston Martin Vantage